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Photos taken of Peterson SK, Meacham, Dana, and area, in the Summer of 2005, Saskatchewan's Centennial Year.

Red Willow School
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Writer and Editor
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Peterson Saskatchewan Canada
peterson (14K)
Founded in 1911-12, the year the railway
was built. Located about 50 miles east of
Saskatoon on Highway #5.

petersonview1 (13K)
View looking North West.

St. Agnus Parish
stagnus (17K)
Built in 1924 and still active today.

Holy Eucharist Church
ukraniancatholic (14K)
Built in 1927.

National Grain Elevator
elevator (13K)
Closed in 1975.

Sask Wheat Pool Elevator
wheatpool (12K)
Pool elevator once stood, looking southeast from store.

Felix General Store
store (14K)
Closed in late 60's.

Felix General Store
store1 (14K)
Addition added to store to build furniture
and heat exchangers in the 80's.

Store and Lumber Yard
horses (14K)
Horses came to pose.

Blacksmith Shop and Garage
shops (14K)
Built in 1924-1925. To the right once stood the old Community Hall.

Community Hall
hall (14K)
Community Hall.
Home of the Country Wheatlanders.

Ball Park
ballpark (13K)
Home of the Peterson Wildcats
and the Peterson Cats, ball teams.

Curling Rink Once Stood
rinks (12K)
In background, once stood the second
school, skating rink, and curling rink.

Peterson Cemetery
cemetery (16K)
New gates around cemetery in 2005.

Peterson Cemetery
cemetery1 (13K)
Cemetery looking North West.

Peterson Cemetery
cemetery2 (17K)
Cemetery looking South West.

Main Street
mainstrwest (13K)
Main Street looking West.

Main Street
mainstreast (13K)
Main Street looking East.

1st Street
1stwest (14K)
1st Street looking West.

1st Street
1steast (12K)
1st Street looking East.

Towstego's Garage
oldblacksmith (11K)
Towstego's Garage, beside Blacksmith Shop, year's earlier.

Peterson Wild Cats
wildcats (8K)
Local hockey team, 1950-51.

Aerial View 1950's
areialsmall.jpg (12K)

Special Thank You! to Tony Dutchak for the Aerial and Calender photos.

Calender 1960
calendersmall.jpg (22K)
Felix General Store handed out this Calender in 1960, as a Christmas present.

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